Lenoarmi is a school.

Lenoarmi ( Natural Law Order and Harmony ) is an Integral School of Physical Education and School for the Family, which aims to promote the health and development of all people throughout their life cycle, from conception to old age.

Health through a Lenoarmi training is based on the most fundamental : breathing , relaxation , movement and positive thinking.

Lenoarmi is the pioneer school in Spain in aquatic activities for babies ( since 1971 ) and a proprietary method that promotes bilingualism water and land in children from before birth , enhancing the body intelligence as a basis for future learning and personal growth.


(Español) Casal Creativo de Semana Santa
(Español) Un casal para peques, Gigante en Diversión.


¿Quienes somos?
(Español) Somos un centro de servicios que cubre todas las necesidades del ser humano desde el embarazo, bebés, niños, adultos y tercera edad.

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Osteopatía Pediátrica
(Español) "Reequilibra sus funciones vitales."