Free Talk: Emotions, their management and emotional intelligence.

An emotion is an affective state that we experience, a particular reaction to the environment that is accompanied by physiological and endocrine changes of our own, influenced by experience.

Emotion management begins with the ability to recognize one’s own feelings and thoughts, having the sensitivity and empathy to identify others and thus direct and express them healthily.

“Emotions, in essence, are not positive or negative … they are explosions of our reactivity that color our lives, making us feel happy or unhappy.

I invite you to identify them, to see what is behind them and to learn to transfer them “

In this talk the importance will be exposed, not of its control, but of its management.

Speaker:  Mercedes Lopez Fusté

Date and time: Thursday, February 22 at 8:00 p.m.

Place: Lenoarmi

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