The School

Lenoarmi is a school for all family

from pregnancy until later in life.

Lenoarmi is health on moving and health for wellness to all stages of life.

For pregnant, Lenoarmi is a training partner to know how to behave and act at all times, facilitating mutual respect and communication. Motherhood is life impulse is important to practice a dynamic workout for positive maternal and immediate postpartum recovery.

For the baby, Lenoarmi offers suited to their needs bodily activities where their evolutionary development is respected, wakes creative potential, enrich their skills, gain confidence and self-confidence, relax and express themselves freely.

For the child, Lenoarmi is a project and an educational supplement that promotes their development. Its programs are those of the method and its proposed activities are the means to implement it.

For the adult, Lenoarmi is training to keep fit, watch your back and leave as new. You will learn to be better both postural and globally.

The health through a Lenoarmi training is based on the most fundamental: Breath, relax, move and think positive.

Lenoarmi programs change and adapt to the seasons. Training should be different because the body also changes your biorhythms at each station. In this way we acquire the ability to self-regulate, basic to our health and well-being aspect. Lenoarmi is the only training adapted to all ages, from birth until the evening of life.