School for the family

LENOARMI is a space for the family where there is an exchange of experiences, a place to practice the educational project you want for your child, a quality time in emotional communication, an opportunity to feel unique, a space for relaxation and expression.

For parents: Through lectures, lectures and practical sessions, they acquire the security and strategies necessary for a healthy education.

For children: A body activity suited to their needs, a paradise, respect for the evolutionary development of each one, awakens the creative potential, enrich their skills, gain confidence and confidence in themselves, relax and express freely. Children more autonomous, safe, capable and creative.

For the grandparents: A space to share an activity with their grandchildren, thus improving their emotional ties and providing them with the information they need to be up-to-date in today’s education.

Lenoarmi is a school where you receive support from highly qualified professionals, contribution of knowledge and strategies for a successful education.

In the activities section you will find the most appropriate for your child, according to age.