scan012-2-122x200Rosa Maria Puigvert: An exceptional creative.

The creator of Lenoarmi method  Rosa Maria Puigvert, born in 1938 in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona). She was the youngest of six brothers and showed from small an enormous vivacity and a great spirit of observation. She found the life impulse to go to joy.

At 14, as a result of a fall, she was seriously injured spine. This event and personality led to his interest in the study of “appropriate physical movement” to achieve compensate for back disorders. Family opposition to her desire to study medicine, she enrolled as a volunteer at a trauma hospital in Paris, where he lived one year as an intern. Previously he had already opened his first gym in Sant Pol de Mar (1962).
She did not neglect their health and self treatment through a persistent discipline, he managed to compensate for his injury. On his return from Paris, Maria Rosa moved to Barcelona, where he worked as a teacher of remedial gymnastics in various therapeutic institutions.

In 1965 she married Jordi Suriol, which comes from the Olympic gymnastics. Both agree in  reject the negative effects of gymnastics practiced without methodology. Consider also agree that physical exercise should lead to perfect health, understood as a harmonious balance between mind and body. Maria Rosa begins to develop a methodology.

In 1967 writes the Gymnastic’s Atlas , of which 20 editions were printed. In the play, Maria Rosa explains his conception of what should be the physical exercise and insists his ideas on the need to follow a regular discipline. In the same year he opened with his sister, Carmen Puigvert, the Nefertiti Institute in Barcelona.

In 1971 he founded the School of Physical Education Rosa Maria Puigvert at Doctor Roux. The new facility allowed him to implement the concept of Integrated Physical Education Movement in Water and Earth.

BabyAquaticWith the innovation “Water Babies”, pioneer in Spain, makes a great contribution to the education. Parallel continues to expand its training in different disciplines and knowledge, among which macrobiotics, natural medicine and naturopathy, among other subjects. In 1982, knowledge, solid background and extensive experience of Maria Rosa consolidated. It gives the method name LENOARMI, a system that synthesizes a concept of life and constitutes a pedagogical form of corporal expression based on the interpretation of natural movement. Maria Rosa continued to work intensively on Lenoarmi, designing 200 programs and a large number of courses currently practiced in the Lenoarmi Center. Maria Rosa dedicated her life to a vocational cause and was happy and satisfied to leave a new method and a slightly better world than the one she found. Natural Law in Order and Harmony.

After completing his studies in Germany, Noemí Suriol, daughter of Maria Rosa, who since then is still running the school, as technical director, doing work of innovation in all programs and professional training. He published the book “Water Babies” with Editorial Tibidabo in May 2002, with the launch of 4 editions. The book was updated in 2013 with Editorial Planeta Luciérnaga group.

In October 2002 he wrote along with Maria Luisa Ferrerós, the book “Child Psychology to 5 years” based on the Lenoarmi method.

In 2003 he published the update of the “Atlas of Gymnastics” with the title “Living with the body is health welfare” with Editions Tibidabo.