Lenoarmi Method


The name means “natural law in order and harmony”, that is, knowing the nature of each individual, putting it in order and moving with harmony.

The Lenoarmi method is a method of Dynamics and Relaxation, that is, it teaches you to move in a relaxed way and to relax when you stop: think positive, breathe and relax.

Lenoarmi® is a method, a preventive concept and a pedagogical approach applicable within the family, which can be initiated before birth with prenatal stimulation through body activity, both in the aquatic and terrestrial environments; with it, pleasure and play are the stimulus to enhance the child’s integral development and enrich the affective bond.

School for parents:

This preventive concept applied to parents means to learn to go ahead of the child, to know, to have enough and adequate information to be able to detect and channel in time. Prevention is educating with a vision of the future, being aware of the importance of the consequences that the present has on the future of the child. After almost fifty years of experience, we have observed that more and more parents understand and value the concept of prevention applied within the family. They are parents who understand education as a work of craftsmanship in which the emotion, the mind and the body of the child have to be modeled and taken care of with special delicacy.

Lenoarmi accompanies, supports, gives tools and encourages parents to enrich the time they share with their children through an activity in water or on land. We always speak of quality, and less of quantity.

In education we can not go with an instruction manual as if we were using a cookbook, since education starts with the individuality of each child. Lenoarmi provides enough information to understand what the child understands, to know how he interprets what he has around him, how he lives the world around him. The fact of knowing what the child feels and thinks gives us the possibility to help him grow stronger, capable, happy and intelligent. Lenoarmi provides parents with the necessary tools so that they can live their daily lives in a healthy way and so that, in the future, they will be satisfied with the results of the efforts made during the first ten years of life.

Parents, the tools are there, the plans of the house too, but you are the architects and the builders. You can start building from the foundations, from the first day of your child’s life, or do like others, who do not give much importance and start running when the child does not respond to their expectations. The effort to educate a child from the first day is rewarding in the long term and even in the short term, but to avoid doing so entails serious consequences in the long and even short term, since the effort will be double. As some psychologists say: “To be a parent, it is enough to have children, but to compete with something so serious you have to train and prepare yourself. […] Education is like walking through a labyrinth that not everyone knows how to get out of, not because there are no exits, but because traveling successfully requires certain knowledge ». (Miquel Silveira in his book “To educate is also learned,” page 15).

Prevention is an investment in the future, and being a parent is a decision that implies responsibility.

School for health and welfare:

For the adult, Lenoarmi is a training to be in shape, take care of your back and leave like new. You will learn to be better both posturally and globally.